Take advantage of Eventmaker’s experience, and benefit from their customized consulting services. 
Thanks to the expertise acquired in the planning of numerous events of all types (conventions, seminars, trade shows, public or private evening events…) Eventmaker can give you an inside look at:
  • The performance of the solutions in situations similar to yours
  • The likely behaviors of the participants according to different reception scenarios 
As a planner, you probably ask yourself the following questions that keep coming up:
  • How can I boost the registration rate at my event ?
  • How can I take into account the specificities of each guest when they register, without slowing down the process ?
  • How can I best secure entry access on the site of my event ?
  • How can I speed up the check-in process ?
  • How can I improve interactivity during my event, and what types of activities should I promote ?
Eventmaker advises and backs you in the planning of your events, by offering you its experience and providing you with software adapted to your events and the particular challenges you face.
Make the most of this experience feedback to maximize the performance of your next event.

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