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Exhibitor Lead retrieval

Exhibitor Lead retrieval

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Optimize networking at your events by allowing participants to retrieve the contact information of their interlocutors.
A simple and innovative solution to qualify your contacts.


How Does the Service Work?


  1. Exhibitors, recruitors, speakers... Equip your participants with iPad or iPods Touch badge readers during your events. 
  2. All you have to do is scan the QR code on the badges of your contacts to retrieve their contact information.
  3. All the contacts you’ve made will be sent to you by email in Excel format.


How Does It Help You?


During the event
  • Consult and retrieve visitor contact information (Name, First name, email address, telephone number...)
  • Qualify these contacts by adding comments (notes, products concerned...)
  • Access your contact list at any time
After the event
  • Receive the Excel file with all the contacts you’ve made and the related comments by email

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... to handle more than 700+ events !