QR code Badges

Setup and print name badges for each participant. Successful Onsite badge printing is fundamental for your event. 

Badges with QR codes

Badges with QR codes


Eventmaker makes it possible to associate a QR code to each guest. You can decide to print it on every badge. Then you will be able to use Eventmaker QR code scanning apps to trace visitor path. 

Why QR code ?

The QR code is very efficient to encode large amounts of data into a minimal size. On Eventmaker, you can decide to add guest contact details to the encode identifyer. Moreover, the QR code is robust to extreme scanning conditions because it encodes data with redundancy. 

Which size ?

You need to leave a blank 1,5 ( if only id) to 2,5 (id + contact details) cm square in shape on your badge design. Remember to leave at least 2mm of white margin around the codes. 

Eventmaker Checkin

By scanning visitor bagdes at the different checkin points, you increase 2 to 4 fold entrance pace up to 400 to 1000 visitors / hour/ host(ess). You will be then be able to record their attendance or control their accreditation. 

Eventmaker Leads

The QR code can contain contact details. With Eventmaker Lead App, you enable you exhibitors/ partners to record a listing of all guests who visited their stands. 

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